New Clickfunnels Add Ons Available Now!

[I’m on a boat!]

It’s been a while since we posted here, so I wanted to check in and let you know about all the cool stuff we’ve been working on that’s coming soon to a blog post (or sales funnel..) near you.

First, a quick story…

Recently I spent a week on a sailing boat through the Sicilian Islands with my family.

Climbing volcanoes and building sales funnels with Clickfunnels. Funnel Fix It

We climbed volcanoes (2 of them!). We swam in sulfur “baths” in the sea (think a bubble bath in the ocean!), and we ate (a lot of…) fantastic Italian food. Yum!

Now, while I still had a bunch of client work to do, the “Italian Time” forced me to slow down and take some space.

The internet stability may have factored a little too 😉

You know what that means? More free stuff for you guys!

Here’s a bunch of cool stuff we’ve been putting together for Funnel Fix It clients over the last few months that we’ll be perfecting for mass use and posting about on our blog and fb page shortly.

If you use Clickfunnels, then you’ve probably been waiting for these…

  1. Sales tax. #AllStates! Nuff said.
  2. Dynamic shipping. International. States. Calculated pricing! Boom.
  3. PayPal. Failure proof (now shown as the legit workaround in the CF help docs)
  4. PayPal Pro + CF Promo Code Pro working together? Yup. We can get it working with any CF Pro Tools script now 🙂
  5. Affiliate tracking for optins, stored (and reportable!) For backpack, failure proof affiliate tracking
  6. Dynamic price conversion tracking for any 3rd party tool (Google analytics, Has Offers etc), ideal for cart mode and Multiple OTOs and Downsells. Yes, you can track your $ales!
  7. Custom slider bars that can produce a calculation for bundles, sizes, amounts, and select products
  8. Bundle Building Cart. Let your users choose from a number of products and quantities and build their own cart bundle… that automatically loads those into the checkout (order form)
  9. Currency based order form. Drop down to select which currency customers want to pay in. Oh yeah!
  10. Currency Selector with dynamic pricing. Just like Shopify! (Still charges base rate, but up to date pricing in visitors currency)

We ain’t stopping anytime soon! CF rules!!

Don’t Want To Wait? We can do each of these on our PRO or X Plans for you today! Come join 100’s of CF’ers, 2CC Award Winners, (and even a couple 10X’ers) and get all your funnel tech tasks DONE for you >>