Network Marketing MLM Funnel on Autopilot

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Network Marketing Milestone!

250 customers in one of my MLM biz’s in 4 months.

Customers for MLM in CRM
How Many?!

Ok Nathan, so what?

No Ad Spend.
No Direct, In-person Contact.
No Party Plans.
No Teleconferences.
No 3-way calls.

Nothing (traditional).



What I DID Use:

Cold traffic – Customers:
– Epic Product (health and fitness)
– Epiphany Bridge Funnel
– Great “Approved” Company Video (also in education/epiphany style)
– Zapier (automate optin’s to CRM – see pic)
– Mailchimp (automated follow up sequence)

Conversion rate for MLM using original video
Cold Traffic to Customers

Customers – Team Members:

– Clone of epiphany bridge with different message
– “laptop lifestyle” type video of me and joining my team.
– Second follow up sequence

MLM Bridge customer numbers with new video
Customers to Team Members – the Downline Funnel


Where Did I Find People:

– Existing ecommerce traffic (organic as this offer is just within the product catalogue but not an available product to buy – did not expect much from this. Site averages 100 uniques a day, nothing to write home about)
– Facebook Posts (in niche)
– Instagram Posts (I use an automated tool to post and grow following)
– Automated Referral asks (see “friends” below)

Instagram Tool 1:  Instamatico
Instagram Tool 2:  Lifetime Access to Grum Agency (6 Accounts) for $49

My Follow Up Sequence:

1 – instant) Welcome! I’m a real human (you guys see the irony here right? I’m not a bad person, I’m seriously doing this to help people, I just like efficiency and automation!!)
– this is excellent
– this is easy
– others are digging it
– I’m here to help, hit reply, ask me anything

2 – day 3) Yo, ordering from this (company X) site can seem a little un-intuitive
– I’m here to help
– Made a GIF showing the 3 steps to order (this has gotten me literally 25 “thanks so much, this little video totally helped!)
– push back to site

3 – day 5) [Intro to being a promoter 1] But it’s so expensive!
– Yep, with all the handling we have to do too, but there is a cheaper way
– this is a “buyers club” (you would be surprised how often that eases people burnt by MLM before) type product, so if you get a couple of friends loving it as much as you, YOU save on product.
You can even get it FOR FREE!
– NO PUSH!!!!

4 – day 10) how good is it? did you know it came in “X killer product”
– by now you should have “experienced”
– hit reply and let me know how much you’re loving it
– well, if you haven’t gone and ordered, here is the link again and this time you’re gonna wanna try it in “X” flavour

5 – day 20) [Promoter push]
– so you’ve tried it
– you’ve told your friends how good it is and now they want it too
– Best part of comp plan offer
– link to offer page and promoter sign up

6 – day 30) one month that changed everything
– recap on everything
– anything else you need?

Anyone who passes through email 5 goes on a new promoter list.

Where to now?

The TEST is complete – time to SCALE!

Oops, almost forgot. Full disclosure, this isn’t some kind of gamechanging “I’m buying a new oversized watch” thing – I am currently earning $1k /month profit on this. Just thought some might benefit from seeing the whole process laid out