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How To Create Dynamically Updating Images in Clickfunnels Order Form Pages

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Ever wanted to dynamically update the images of the products you have on your ORDER FORM pages?

Well, now you can.

Note: this is an advanced change and requires custom code on your page. As Clickfunnels doesn’t do any internal checks on this code, you can break your funnel if you enter anything incorrectly.

We implement these types of things many times a day, so feel free to reach out to a professional

Step 1: How many images/products do you have?

You will need 1 of these blocks of code for each image/product you have on your order page.

Let’s say we have 2 products on our order page.


To find your product id, simply hover on the EDIT button on your products page. It will appear in the status bar of your browser

Dynamic Image selector in Clickfunnels for editing the product id

Step 2: Now you will need to add both product images onto your page.

Add them on top of each other and just hide the second image.

Dynamic Image hide the second product image

Step 3: Now, we need to add in our special Javascript code.

This will control what happens when you select the products from the order form.

Dynamic Image tracking code for javascript in Clickfunnels

This is inside of the Tracking Code settings menu.

Your code will go into the Footer Code area (not Header):

Dynamic Image footer code Clickfunnels

The code we will put in will also need to know how to find your images.

Each image has it’s own CSS ID. All you need to do it SHOW Image 1 when Product 1 is selected and HIDE Image 2.

Vice versa when Product 2 is selected, SHOW Image 2 and HIDE Image 1.

Too easy.

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Dynamic Images for Products in Clickfunnels from

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