The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Chat Bots

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a quality that’s now featured in many things around us, as we use technology such as smartphones and laptops. Some forms of AI are decidedly more complex than others, while some just scratch the surface of being considered AI.

Some, on the other hand, are relatively new, such as Facebook Chat Bots. While they’re considered one of the weakest forms of AI because they rely heavily on a process known as “Pattern Matching”, they can be incredibly useful.

When we say that they can be useful, we aren’t just talking about these chatbots giving you the correct answer to a question that you ask of it.

We’re talking, of course, about the effectiveness of pushing customers down your sales funnels with Facebook Chat Bots.

Curious how this works? Keep reading to find out more.

Why Should You Care About Facebook Chat Bots?

Facebook Chat Bots, while still a relatively infant concept of AI, can provide your business with incredible opportunities. You can cut costs, reach customers, and scrape leads without having to spend a penny on human labor.

Have a gander at this statistic, for example:

If you’re a startup or beginning to gain gravity with your social media marketing, this is incredibly appealing; you can tailor the bot to the needs of your customers, sit back, and learn.

Of course, Facebook Chat Bots aren’t all roses, yet. You might have to make some adjustments to its script (More on that later).

Anyhow, you should care about bots such as these because they provide a hands-free customer service tool, a tool to divulge important sales information with, and a way to market your products or services without having to put forth much human effort.

All of this will drive your customers down your sales funnels, but we’ve only scratched the surface of their true potential.

What Are the Facebook Chat Bots?

Below, we’re going to give you three examples of Facebook Chat Bots and show you how exactly they’re used in the business that utilizes them.

There are, of course, plenty more than just these three to choose from. We’ll start with the image then give the company’s description.

Wild Audience

Wild Audience is a site that’s used to help customers build high-quality sales funnels, in order to best convert interest to actual sales.

If you subscribe for free on their site, you’ll be able to partake in a highly-responsive Facebook Chat Bot. As you can see from the image above, Wild Audience uses this bot to market its materials.

It gives the option of selecting “yes” or “no” in several instances. This simple, two-way question might not seem like much, but it’s a subtle example how you, as a marketer using a Facebook Chat Bot, can gauge interest from prospective customers on social media.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the next Facebook Chat Bot.

Derek Halpern (Social Triggers)

Looking above, we see a screenshot from Derek Halpern’s Facebook Chat Bot. Derek Halpern is the founder of the business “Social Triggers”, a company/website that specializing in social media marketing.

They do other things, as well. Be sure to check out their site for a free eBook!

Compared to the screenshot we saw before Derek’s, two things are done differently, two things that can help you funnel sales quite effectively.

First and foremost, the bot has a personal touch to its appearance. While we know that, indeed, we’re not actually talking to Derek Halpern, the mere fact that his picture and name are there can do a lot for the customer.

Secondly, as opposed to the bot prompting the user for “yes” or “no” questions, it asks for a click response, rather than a typed one. This takes away the effort required on the prospective customer’s behalf.

This example also immediately sells free content, an important factor in driving sales for your product or service.

Have a glance down at our final and most unique example of a Facebook Chat Bot promoting a product or service and subsequently driving customers down the ever-powerful sales funnel.


If the image above looks in anyway frightening, confusing, or just outright strange, we totally understand – HealthTap is a website that provides free medical advice to users who contact the company.

You can contact HealthTap via phone, the mobile application, the website, or as we’ve shown you above – through their Facebook Chat Bot.

This bot is extraordinarily unique, and provides pertinent medical advice to its users. This bot is a prime example of refined pattern matching, a concept which will explain in more detail.

The Facebook Chat Bot can easily be searched on Facebook, drives the HealthTap application’s notoriety, and segways into its paid version, which provides much more thorough device to those with stranger symptoms or ailments.

How Can You Implement a Facebook Chat Bot Into Your Business?

Now that you’ve seen a brief look at successful Facebook Chat Bots, you’re probably asking the question “How can I use them an effective, sales-driving force, in my business?”, and that’s okay.

The following four steps are easy to follow and adhere by. Take note!

Step 1: Find a bot site to get your chatbot ideas off of the ground – We’d recommend using a site like, a multifaceted bot company that enables you to build chatbots on a variety of different platforms.

Step 2: Develop relevant scripts – Bots are best used, initially, to gauge market interest in your product or service. Chatbots can easily be used to monitor customer spending patterns and other relevant marketing data.

Step 3: Deploy the chatbot on social media – Use your newfound, bot-divulged marketing information to refine the chatbot’s messenger script. Once you’ve done this, you can scrape even more customer data and identify cold leads.

Step 4: Further refine your chatbot’s script – Using your bot’s results, sales, or lack thereof, design your bot’s script to better suit your company’s and customer’s needs.


Artificial Intelligence is hardly a new method of marketing, but using such intelligence on social media platforms such as Facebook is only starting to gain traction.

Facebook Chat Bots, despite being new to the world of funnel-driven salesmen/women, can impact your business’s product conversion in more ways than you’d think.

Your company could gain more accuracy when it comes to marketing information. You can target new leads whenever you want, practically.

You can even provide your customers or prospective customers with a fail-safe, worry-free customer service chatbot if the bot’s script is well-refined.

The options are endless, but there’s only one direction your business can head if you implement a Facebook Chat Bot properly – that’s up towards the sky!

Want help installing Facebook chat bots for your business? Click here!