Get to Hacking with these 8 Powerful Kick-Ass Clickfunnels Funnel Hacks

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the hull that makes your competitor’s landing page so successful? What would you give for a peek inside? Well, you don’t have to do that much at all – and we’re going to show you some of the tricks how to.

1. Spot the Right Target

Before you even begin funnel hacking, you have to find the proper competitor – otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and resources.

So, pick a competitor whose page is compelling, whose marketing is attractive, and is a competitor you know rakes in the big bucks.

The tougher your competition, the tougher you’ll become!

Looking for someone using Clickfunnels already? Try this Google Hack for your niche:

site:”*” niche

Replace “niche” with your keywords, for example:

site:”*” bitcoin

Will show you everyone using Clickfunnels and talking about bitcoin.


2. Take All The Screenshots You Can

Now, when you’ve got your eyes on the prize, you can start funnel hacking.

What do you do?

We’re essentially starting from scratch, so there’s really not much to find from the outside looking in. If you’ve picked the right target, they’re probably doing their best to keep their winning formula hidden from prying eyes.

But, what you can do is try to spot the tiny and seemingly inconspicuous details from that outer layer of your competitor’s front.

To do this properly, you’ll have to obtain the best tools out there. These will help you by allowing you to screenshot everything you see, top to bottom. Greenshot (software) or Awesome Screenshot (browser extension) will be perfectly suitable.

Organize and save them – we’ll need them for a detailed analysis of the page’s layout and initial push notifications, offers, etc.

3. Create Your Funnel Hacking Bible

Set out your paper and your pen (or, your Word document), and take note of absolutely everything you see.

Write down all the eye candy – all of the mechanisms that attract customers and new leads. Take those notes and formalize strategies.

What’s the type of copywriting? Colours? Buttons? Any videos? Offers? Pop-ups? Are there two or three steps to making a sale, or just one? What are the prices shown at first, if any?

create your funnel hacking bible

Everything counts. Everything can be used.

The more info you get, the richer your Funnel Hacking bible is going to be.

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4. Deconstruct the Technology

At this point, you’ve done pretty much everything you can with the visual aspect of the site.

Now, for the real stuff. We’re going in, and we’re going in deep.

There are two aspects to a successful website: a) driving traffic and b) converting those successfully driven.

Both of these aspects rely on heavy machinery to function – that is all the underlying software that you can’t see… Yet.

Time for you to get a few tools as well.

We’re talking Ghostery and BuiltWith Technology Profiler here.

Ghostery is a neat little extension that can disrupt the trackers from your activity, but also display all the tracking software, pixels, beacons, web bugs, and data collectors, which is the function that’ll help you more.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler will be your third eye with which you’ll be able to penetrate deep into the structure of the landing page, and see what… Well, what it’s BuiltWith!

Surprised with how many hidden devices you’ve tracked? Continue filling that Funnel Hacking Bible with info!

5. More Tools of the Trade

The site’s an open book for you now. But, there’s more to be accomplished here.

We need thаt funnel: the secrets of the flow of traffic.

To get to that, we need more specialized software.

AdBeat/WhatRunsWhere: See the advertising strategies of your competitor: Check how many days they’ve run a particular advertisement, the path of their traffic from the landing and creative pages to their destination, and many other quirky and useful things. Although they don’t come for free, they pack a big punch, and either of these will set an irreplaceable tool at your disposal.

SEMRush: This tool gathers paid and organic SEO insights on your competitors. From displaying, search positions & changes, and ad copy to video advertising, backlinks, estimated traffic expenditure, and keyword research. And much more.

SimilarWeb: Another fantastic traffic insight tool – and you can see the top referring sites and top destination sites as people flow-in and -out of target website. Also, you get information like a breakdown of social traffic, banner ads, similar websites and more.

Follow: A free (but you can opt for a paid program) and great tool for following the origins of media implemented into the rival website. Another great intelligence survey tool.

tools of the trade

A full kit to reveal the most of a website. With these, nothing can pass by you undetected for too long.

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6. Rebuild the Funnel

So, now we have the equipment that we need and it is high time you tunneled through that funnel.

How do you do that?

Through the front door.

You’ll need some money from your rainy-days cache because you’re going to buy the product they’re offering.

It is the most effective way of penetrating the system, as all the customer retaining and management systems spring into life in front of your eyes.

Think of it as an investment of sorts, instead of giving money to your competition.

During this phase of the funnel hacking process, you’ll want to take as many different variations of the funnel as possible. Take all the upsells, downsells, cross-sells…everything!

This is a vital step in funnel hacking since you can practically see everything on which the sales of your competitor are founded.

If you’re entering the market for the first time, completely cold, it’s all the more important. You’ll get all the experience with zero time wasted in trial-and-error.

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7. Create Your Own

This is it. Your funnel hacking bible is packed with info you can’t wait to put to use.

Clickfunnels allows you to build upon a template, but if you really wish to use your competitor’s site as inspiration, Clickfunnels can help you as well.

The screenshots from earlier come in handy here. The Front End is the foundation of your website, so that would be the first thing you’ll implement:

  • Videos, fonts, title animations
  • Copywriting style
  • Images, graphics
  • The first tracking software

The Back End is the core of your sales. First, you have to look into email mechanics. Note down what the site has sent you, in which order, and in how much time.

Again, screenshot everything: some offers may have a specific time sequence after which they are no longer available.

Notice what affiliate programs your competition is running. It can show you a world of info regarding the promotion of their product. ClickFunnel can help you here also – just run the scan and you’re good to go.

8. Make a Phone Call

To squeeze the extra juice from your research, make a phone call and go through their sales strategy. Ask about everything and take each offer for more details. Heck, you can even go through it entirely and buy the product.

And, take notes. The super-effective sales strategy can be a gold mine for you when you set up your own sales.

sales strategy

That’s it. You’ve successfully funnel hacked your competition and caught a glimpse into their enterprise.

Did it meet your expectations? Regardless of the answer, the knowledge is there. Implement the good parts. Adapt them to your own strategy. And, beat them.

Or, be just as successful, at the very least.


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