A Clickfunnels and Leadpages Comparison: Outlining Important Differences

Have you ever wanted to know the key differences between Clickfunnels and Leadpages, two similar sales-building applications?

While the functions of each are similar, there are a few major differences.

What are they, you ask? Well, we’ll let you know all about them in a moment.

First, however, let’s have a look at what exactly Leadpages and Clickfunnels are.

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Template Creation and More…

Leadpages is an online application that creates landing pages and sales-driven templates for your website and all of its subsequent features, such as its social media networks and its email lists.

Leadpages offers templates, payment options, and mobile-friendly layouts to mobile device users.

For example, you can experiment with different, temporary looks of the page you’re designing, without having to worry about undoing changes.

Leadpages also integrates several tools that offer statistics to its users, all of which help indicate the success of your landing pages and sales funnels.

Now, onto another effective sales driving tool, Clickfunnels.

Sales Funnels Made Easy

Quickly – What is a sales funnel? It’s a metaphor used to describe the conversion of email visitors, site viewers, and others to paying customers.paying customer

Clickfunnels makes this process insanely easy by consolidating your sales funnels in ways that help you cut costs, time, and stress.

Clickfunnels gives you an omnipotent sales tool, one that allows you to market, build, and sell your products and/or services.

Undoubtedly, both Clickfunnels and Leadpages are great tools to use for increasing your sales and marketing prowess.

There are differences in the two, however. Let’s have a look at both applications and compare them using four criterion – Mobile Responsiveness, Template Availability/Application Flexibility, Facebook Following, and Support.

Comparing and Contrasting Clickfunnels and Leadpages

#1 – Mobile Responsiveness

Clickfunnels and Leadpages are both optimized well for mobile devices.

Both applications (Leadpages being the most recent) use a drag and drop feature that’s easy to use on a mobile device.

This feature is largely responsible for much of the customization that users of each application crave.

mobile responsiveness

While Leadpages has been around for much longer, this leaves the issue of older, more common templates with a less than compatible mobile experience.

Many of the boilerplate opt-in forms you will find from early adopters (and those that sold pre-formatted templates as part of a business building system) had scroll issues and many images would not fit on the page.

Clickfunnels on the other hand uses a bootstrap (industry standard) approach to mobile responsiveness out of the box. It also allows for mobile and desktop live previews and specific elements on page to make the mobile experience second to none.

#2 – Template Availability and Application Flexibility

Clickfunnels has a decently large selection of templates to choose from when you’re in the process of constructing your sales funnels.

Even better: they also have a vast range of funnel types that you can choose, each suiting a particular form of marketing practice or business available on their marketplace.

We even have templates listed that we’ve found have boosted the opt-ins and sales of hundreds of businesses.

The icing on the cake: Clickfunnels offers total funnel optimization, rather than just focusing on one aspect of your sales funnel, just as Leadpages does.

Both applications make crafting sales funnels or aspects of them quite customizable. Think of it like this: Clickfunnels is like making a cake from scratch. Leadpages is like buying a cake mix, and adding additional materials to the mix before you bake it.

While Leadpages doesn’t have much customization at its disposal, it’s worth noting that this, for some people, makes the application easier to use!

It also makes landing pages created by Leadpages much more noticeable – You’ll know when you’re looking at a landing page made by Leadpages.

lead pages

While Leadpages might not offer a wide range of starting templates, or the ability to start your landing page from the ground up, you’ll still have the ability to get plenty creative as you design your page within their application.

#3 – Facebook Following

Clickfunnels and Leadpages both have official Facebook groups. These groups help users of each application share problems, ideas, and products associated with said applications.

Let’s have a deeper look into why social media presence is so important with applications like these.

For starters, it’s widely known that Facebook groups of small business can be hugely helpful when it comes to figuring out products/services, issues, and seeking out promotions or discounts.

Point is, if you’re using an application that has a wider following on a social media entity such as Facebook, you’re more likely to run into some really cool opportunities.

The more members in the group, the better off you’ll be. Take this scenario into account:

John’s having trouble using the Backpack Affiliate System of the Clickfunnels program. He wants to seek out help, but he doesn’t want to go through the arduous process of seeking out a customer support representative.

Even though he understands how AI are getting better at answering questions and that it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a chatbot on the site, John decides to post his question on the wall of the Clickfunnels Facebook group.

Within minutes, John has had dozens of comments on his wall post from real human beings.

Not only does seeing visible human response help John feel better, but he’s even got a few direct messages through his messenger app, all because others in the Facebook group saw his question.

Bringing up a question in this manner makes the difference between your question being analyzed by one person and 90,000 people.

Do you see how being a member of a Facebook group with a large social media following can be helpful?

Clickfunnels FB Group

They even use the leaderboard functionality to show user engagement.


Who is that I see?

While Leadpages does have fewer followers, the amount of members of their closed Facebook group is certainly enough help, especially if you don’t want to bother talking to members of Leadpages’ support team!

Leadpages Community

#4 – Support Differences

Here at Funnelfixit we deal primarily with issues you might have with your Clickfunnels sales funnels. That’s not saying that we haven’t handled Leadpages fixes as well.

In fact, we’re quite good at handling problems with both applications.

We obviously prefer Clickfunnels, and the majority of our clients use Clickfunnels, but we also see benefits of using Leadpages. It’s all about finding the right system for you!

What More Can We Say?

Let’s break down everything we just talked about and briefly discuss the differences between Leadpages and Clickfunnels.

Mobile responsiveness – Both are quite easy to use on a mobile device.

Flexibility/Customization – Clickfunnels gives its users a chance to create an entire funnel from the ground up. You’re starting with a blank sheet of paper. Leadpages sets you up for success by offering several highly-customizable templates.

Facebook Following – Both have a significant amount of followers and group members on social media’s biggest stage: Facebook.

Support: As we already said, our Funnelfixit team doesn’t have a problem fixing bugs with either application!

As you can see, there are several differences when you compare Leadpages and Clickfunnels side by side of each other.

Overall, however, both applications are excellent ways to successfully start your company’s next sales funnel.

It’s safe to say that your business will be well off with either Clickfunnels or Leadpages (or both if you’re bold).

Looking to launch a new product or service funnel soon?   We’ve helped countless #FunnelHackers overcome broken links, invalid redirects, missing Pixels, wrong videos on webinar – the list goes on…  But all these issues could be avoided by following our Ultimate Launch Checklist. Grab it for free now.